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24.12.2016, 17:14
Dear players of our servers please carefully read the rules.

The rules of conduct of players on the server:

Q: What to do if I was banned?
A: Read carefully the rules of conduct listed below, if you disagree with your ban please contact the forum in the appropriate section! If you want to make changes to the interpretation rules, refer to the administration portal.


1. It is strictly forbidden any cheats/scripts
2. Forbidden to flood in chat and screaming into the microphone and similar actions
3. It is forbidden to turn on the music in voice and use poorly configured or a broken microphone.
4. Prohibited discussion of politics and all the topics related to politics
5, It is forbidden to insult other players/administration
6. Prohibited begging VIP, admin status
7. Prohibits any action impeding the process of the game and other players
8. Prohibited any advertising/spam.
9. Prohibited incitement to voteban, votekick to normal players who aren't breaking any rules.
10. Prohibited TeamKill
11. Prohibited in any way interfere with the gameplay: blocking, team killing, etc.
12. It is forbidden to tell the administrator what to do and how to perform it administrative functions
13. Forbidden to give inaccurate information leads players to the death and the loss of the team.
14. It is forbidden to use the Twitch Link or YouTube link for yourself nickname.

- Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse and is not a mitigating circumstance!
- The Admin is a voluntary position
- If you are banned and you think it's not fair you can leave a request for unbanning on the forum in the appropriate section.
- If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our rules, please create a topic in the section "Rules of the server"

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