offline yunus Rank 1
09.01.2017, 19:14
Hey !
1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?
17 Years old
3. Where are you from? (country + city).
4. What's your nickname?
5. Your steam id?
6. Your steam link to the profile? .
7. Your Skype nickname?
I don't use skype becaus un the past i did get ddosd and it was very annoying so i don't use it anymore but i use discord.
8. Your profile in Vkontakte/Facebook (optional)?
removed link
9. How many hours per day and how many days a week, ready to play on server as admin?
I can spend somethink like 2-3 hours per day in the server.
10. How long have you been playing on our servers?
I don't know exactely but i think somethink like 50 hours in this account and 80 hours on the other one here
( ) and something like 10 i think on this one ( https://steamcommunity...rofiles/76561198127003950 )
11. You have admin experience in CS?
No but i have in garry's mod.
12. You are currently admin on other servers CS? If so, what?
13. Experience the game in CS GO (6 months, a year, 3 years, etc.)?
In total i have 1729h with my 3 accounts
14. The reason you want to become an Admin?
Becaus i like to have fun with everybody in the server so that everybody is happy to play on the server and the experience that they have while playing is good.
15. Are you willing to occasionally help financially the upgrowth of server and website?
Yes of cours.
16. Do you consider yourself an adequate person?
I don't know actually becaus i don't like to consider myself better than other persons.
17. Do you read the rules and management rules of the game on 5FRAGS.ORG servers? You do agree to abide by them?
Yes and Yes smiling
18. You come across in the ban on 5FRAGS.ORG servers in the past, if so when, how much and for what?
No i did never get band in the servers from 5Frags but a while ago i was boring and i did wanna see how it was to cheat ( HUGE mistake from my) and obviously i did get banned

I can also talk French,Dutch,Turkish

I hope that you guys will take my as an admin and i hope that you will have an awesome day.
offline Bad Administrator
10.01.2017, 11:04

A trial period of 1 month.

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