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Real Name: Sergey Litao
Age: 14.03.1993 (23 years)
Status: offline
Gender: male
Location: Russia Krasnoyarsk
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Clan: LeXeR (Prince) (HP: n/a)
Irc-Channel: Zombie Escape #4
Clan-History: n/a
CPU: i7 3770k
Mainboard: Asus Formula V5
RAM: 16
Monitor: BenQ
Graphics card: GeForce 680 GTX
Soundcard: n/a
I-Connection: 100mbp/s
Keyboard: Mechanical keyboard
Mouse: Laser Mouse
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus
"Testing, testing. (coughs) Everything seems to be in order."
All right, Gordon. your suit should keep you comfortable through all this. The specimen will be delivered to you in a few moments. If you would be so good as to climb up and start the rotors, we can bring the anti-mass spectrometer to 80 percent and hold it there until the carrier arrives.


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